WebVR and Introduction to Mozilla @invento2k16

this was my third event on web VR in a month I was invited by Mradul from IET DAVV Indore for a talk on WebVR in his ongoing techfest “Invento2k16”. I was pretty excited to address that huge amount of audience because I never done that before, the crowd was about 2000+ and I was a bit nervous in the start but with the flow I gave a satisfactory talk and everyone liked it, I started with basics of Mozilla and then moved on to the WebVR I showed them my creations and solved the doubts of the students as much as I can.

it was my first time in front of that huge crowd and now I am ready to face any crowd, I am confident.

PS: the photos are blur because they are taken by mobile camera .


the crowd ❤



WebVR hands on @IIT Indore

It was my pleasure to deliver a hands on talk on WebVR in one of the  most prestigious institute of the country  i.e IIT Indore, it was a huge crowd and they were eager to learn the technologies here Sumantro started with mozilla introduction and some basic later kanika cleared some basic concepts of HTML and web, Pushpita was on campus clubs and then i started with webVR i explained with live practical that what is web what is VR and what s webVR everyone was so excited to learn the new and cool technology i.e Aframe and i was more then happy to present my knowledge in front of them the whole event was organized by Mrinal jain it was a great event.

dedication 😛
me on web VR
mrinal in action
attentive crowd

First WebVR talk @ connected device indore

my first webVR talk was awesome experience it was on September meetup of mozilla in Indore at wittyfeed’s headquater, it waas a pre event meetup which was connected device indore. the crowd was good and was ready to learn we started at 5:30 with Sumantro on basics of connected devices and a quick hands on then pushpita covered mozilla campus clubs and then i took the charge and gave a brief about VR and WebVR also showed them my creation on WebVR using Aframe and cleared doubts of some people.

sumantro on connected devices
A worth discussion
pushpita on campus clubs
spider foxy combination :p
excited crowd
me on webVR



after attending the Mozilla India Meetup 2016 i am keenly interested in WebVR. WebVR is virtual reality on web,it is very cool and awesome technology in which you can see a whole 360 scenes on your browser with or without a VR headset with the help of basic HTML codes, The life of WebVR is Aframe, Aframe is a library which is created by a group of people to help the VR experience better in the web, i started learning a frame and with a small practice i created some basic scenes.

PS: a whole lot is about to come.



following are the link for the scenes i created

Mozilla India Meetup 2016, Pune

i was pretty excited when i got the  mail that you are invited in Mozilla India meetup 2016, Pune. it was a great feeling and i started packing my bags for the awesome exciting weekend with the awesome Mozillians, my excitement level increases because it was my first flying experience and trust me there is nothing better then first flying

So my journey started on 25 august, because i was alone from Indore so i joined my fellow Mozillian community member n Bhopal joining them was too damn fun!. so we reached Pune after so much fun in between travel. On the eve of 26th august there was community dinner with the traditional theme,most of us were in traditional dresses. while dinner we met awesome people and shared the experiences of our communities and contribution and personally i was very excited to meet the people of telegram group because we had a lot of chats but we never met… so i was eagerly waiting for all of them to meet together.


DAY 1 (27/8/2015)

So the day started on 8:30 with breakfast and then everyone was gathered in the hall here on the registration desk there was a surprise waiting for us.. so we had the Mozilla ID card with famous character names so we just have to find the other part of that,it was really fun and ice breaking activity.

later on we gathered in a hall for the introduction and the agenda of the meetup it was great start by priyanka nag, then we went to the separate sessions of different and newly introduced field in Mozilla i.e webVR (MozVR) ,campus clubs,RUST, branding and many more important and valuable stuff.  in the night after the day 1 I met some cool people and had a lot of fun with them, we had an awesome night and too much fun…

DAY 2 (28/8/2015)

the day 2 again started on 8:30 we don’t even had a single hour sleep last night but still we were full of energy the day 2 was all about restructuring the whole policies of Mozilla and some amazing sessions like tech speakers etc. the whole restructuring was explained very well by somya deb and koustav  later on an energetic session by George. then we had closing ceremony followed by dinner

the whole experience of all three days are in the list of my best experiences I learned a lot had fun and enjoyment on the fullest in the end I would like to thank Umesh ji for the awesome arrangements prathamesh for the logistics, Priyanka,vnisha,ankit and to the whole team for the wonderful arrangements. thanks to the whole documentation team and special thanks to Tripad for the live cover.

in this meetup I met many good and awesome people and I came back with a whole lot of memories and friendship of you guys…. thank you aastha,sumantro,pushpita,shagufta,raj,rishubh,shina for your friendship.


Indore Reboot and future plannings

being inactive for a long time due to some personal reasons, now this was time to reboot the Mozilla MP- Indore, once again. For the same purpose we met on 24 july 2016 @ Teas n more Cafe, Indore (though we were in planning phase from couple of weeks). We had a lot of discussion about  resuming the contribution from Indore region like regaining lost contributors, recruiting new contributors and focusing more on evangelism and marketing of brand in region, in order to build back the trust and confidence between people that we were loosing lately. A big thanks to Rahul Talreja for coming all the way from Bhopal (180kms) for leading the meetup (reps presence) and ensuring all of us are on right track as shown by Mozilla.

The meetup was not just about discussing strategies, infact Rahul also enlightened us on topics like uptades from Leadership meet at Singapore, Q1, Q2, and Q3 updates from participation team at Mozilla, Participation buffet strategy etc.

Following the similar strategies of participation team Rahul took the meetup in similar direction where all of us made our personal goals for next quarter which were inclined to Mozilla new strategies and goals.

We also talked about local conflicts between Mozilla Indore and Mozilla Madhya Pradesh and discussed best possible manners we can avoid them.
(small intro : during 2015 mozconnect we merged all local communities in region to one umbrella community Mozilla MP with concern of all local volunteers present at that time in Mozilla from our region. This was also informed to council and experienced ex-council members were also present during this discussion along with several Mozilla Reps and Reps mentors. But now amongst all the people few have came up to stick to old sub community Mozilla Indore for some personal reasons and this not only creates confusion between new contributors but also degrades the brand image outside by display of internal issues and conflicts. )
Lastly It was a great time after so long when we all (few of the team mates) Mozillians  met and are rebooted with same enthusiasm and confidence with which we joined initially.

here some targets that i have planned for the next quarter

  • organize a session for new students on the mission of Mozilla and introduction to open web.(student strength appx: 200).
  • recruiter at least 5 new contributors .
  • open at least one new collegiate club in Indore.
picture time during the meetup





Firefox Spring campaign Indore & Bhopal

i am glad to be the part of Firefox spring campaign in Central India (Indore,Bhopal). the whole event was to celebrate the openness of the web. the event was held at Vatsana Technologies in Indore and Fressparesso Cafe Bhopal. both events were a huge success and helped me in learning and developing myself.

a special thanks to Faisal Aziz Sir for giving me the chance to attend and explore.

Cake @Bhopal
Team @bhopal
cake cutting @indore
team @ Indore
group picture
cake @indore
ongoing session @indore